Pond’s Skin Institute announces Kiara Advani as brand ambassador

Actress and model Kiara Advani has been announced as the brand ambassador for Pond’s Skin Institute. Chosen for her appeal with North Indian audiences, Kiara will feature in Pond’s new TVC that will release on broadcast and digital media platforms across India. Ponds has chosen Kiara for her iconic beauty and style, believing her to be an aspiration for their audiences across India.

Ranveer Singh is the brand ambassador for Nivea men

In a campaign that aims to ‘redefine confidence’, Ranveer Singh stars in Nivea Men’s new roll-on deodorant campaign. The campaign has a tagline of “Bas Ek Roll Hi Kaafi Hai”, claiming that the product gives long-lasting effects for up to 48 hours. The brand believes that Ranveer Singh’s confident demeanour is a perfect match for the product and the brand.

Denver’s new ad launches featuring Mahesh Babu

Men’s perfume brand Denver has continued its ‘Scent of Success’ campaign featuring superstar Mahesh Babu. The campaign, positing itself as redefining success through moral righteousness and values, features Mahesh Babu demonstrating his humility and moral fortitude, with the perfume contributing to his personality and behaviour.

Mahesh Babu’s collaboration with Denver stems from 2019, and the brand hopes to expand into a more holistic men’s grooming brand in the future.

Shraddha Kapoor stars in MyGlamm’s Infinite Possibilities Everyday campaign

Advertising the launch of its new 4 Liquid Lipstick Stack, MyGlamm has released a new advertising campaign featuring actress Shraddha Kapoor. The campaign, titled ‘Infinite Possibilities Everyday’, showcases Shraddha’s astounding accents, displaying the adaptability of the lipsticks for different circumstances and situations. The lipstick stack is advertised as perfect for a girl on the go, being versatile as well as compact for everyday use.

Jahnvi Kapoor launches new ad with Renee Cosmetics

If being beautiful was a crime, Jahnvi Kapoor is definitely guilty! The actress stars in a new ad by Renee Cosmetics for their latest perfume, Floral Fest. The advertisement depicts Jahnvi in a courtroom, accused of being too attractive, and revealing Floral Fest as the secret to her beauty. Other Renee perfumes include Ombre Oudh and Citrus Blast.