Adding a dramatic effect to the eyes is a tiring task and almost impossible to get the perfect ‘winged-eye’ look. But not anymore! Elevate the eyes with the fuss-free, eco-friendly, and easy-to-use Quickie Stickies® from Kohl Kreatives. They are adhesive makeup stencils that help enhance the look with colour, graphic details and glitter. All you have to is just peel the glued paper off them, stick the stencil on your eyelids, apply the eye make-up product and peel them off. Voila! You have perfect, party-ready eyes in less than 15 seconds.


The Quickie Stickies® are available at in the following packs:

  • Originals, Rs. 1000: Classic & experimental liner shapes & styles
  • Extra Fun, Rs.1000: Curated fun & funky liner shapes
  • Abstract, Rs. 1000: Graphic liner & detailed shapes
  • Mystic, Rs. 1000: Creative & magical looks
  • Basics, Rs. 1000: Sleek eyeliner & eyeshadow stencils