Sturdy, durable, and reliable set of tools are the cornerstone to a great manicure or pedicure treatment. StyleSpeak recommends top-notch tools and essentials for professionals and amateurs alike to change up their mani game.

Vega Nail Clippers

Vega’s line of ergonomic, user-friendly nail clippers caters everyone from children to adults, for both fingernails and toenails. Vega’s chrome finish ensures that your tools don’t rust, and remain durable and reliable. Nail clipping is now easier than ever with Vega’s curved edges, making this a must-have in your toolkit.

BlueSky Cuticle Pusher

This double-sided cuticle pusher will reduce clutter in your toolkit. BlueSky’s stainless steel cuticle pusher doubles as a nail cleaner on the other side, allowing nail technicians to clean and groom nails swiftly. The BlueSky cuticle pusher is specifically designed to be gentle on nails, following the natural contours of the nail bed and reducing damage to natural nails. BlueSky recommends using their cuticle nipper and cuticle oil together with the pusher for a complete service.

Ikonic Cuticle Cutter

Ikonic has been a bastion of excellence in the nail tools industry and is a mainstay of several salons. Their cuticle cutter is both elegant and functional, gentle on the nail and cuticle as it trims off excess. Ikonic’s cuticle cutter boasts an angled end for precise removal, and a sleek black design.

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Treatment

Visible growth within one week is the claim Sally Hansen makes about its Maximum Growth Treatment, one of its most popular and well-known nail products. Given that a client’s nail health is just as important as the aesthetic qualities of their nails, the Maximum Growth Treatment is a great way to reinforce, nourish, and fortify brittle nails.

OPI Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

With an increasing amount of awareness about the drying and irritating effects of acetone on skin, the OPI acetone-free nail polish remover is a must-have for clients with dry or sensitive skin. The formula promises to remove even the darkest of lacquers in just a few second, an impressive feat for sure. This remover is for sure necessary in all professional nail kits!