The growing trend of straight men wearing nail polishes, makeup and skirts was highlighted by two Australian stars viz. Olympic boxer Harry Garside and Chanel 10’s Jed McIntosh.

It is not just the LGBTQ+ community that’s wearing nail polishes and skirts, straight men are hopping on the trend too. Some of the biggest stars are embracing their feminine side by wearing nail polish and skirts.

Inspired by Machine Gun Kelly, the Australian boxer, Harry Garside looked great wearing nail polish, eyeliner and an earring.

The drummer Jed McIntosh joined the nail polish wearing ally too. These two Australian men have joined the growing list of men who are breaking the long held stereotypes of what it means to be a man.

Garside feels that it is time for men to start embracing their uniqueness. He revealed that he felt pressured in his childhood to go by the societal norms but now, in his adulthood, he is able to truly express himself.

This trend of men using beauty products and wearing skirts is rising day by day. More and more men are using beauty products not only to showcase their feminine side but also to express themselves.

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