19 Jun 2024

L’Oreal has launched its latest skin technology that has a life-life reconstructed human skin model that will be used for product testing and research. It is the most realistic skin model so far and can replicate varied skin types and also create skin conditions like acne and eczema along with recreating the skin tanning and healing from injuries.

Many start-ups and healthcare players, and research institutes will benefit from this. In fact, L’Oreal had signed a deal with Bakar Labs, a biotech incubator, giving it access to all the company’s testing solutions.

L’Oreal has also launched a content creation tool that has generative AI. The Creatitech GenAI Beauty Content Lab is an excellent tool to show what humans and technology can achieve together. Using the Brand Custom Models, the GenAI can recognise unique visual codes of all the brands and rollout innovative beauty campaigns much faster.

Besides this, L’Oreal has launched many other beauty tech tools too, including, Kiehl’s Derma-Reader, L’Oreal Paris Beauty Genius, L’Oreal Professional My Hair Reader, and Lancome’s Renergie Nano-ResurfacerI 400 Booster.