Levo Spa and Salon has made a big contribution in the beauty and wellness sector by introducing a renowned Australian Hair Clinic, Evolved Hair Restoration, to the Indian market for the very first time. This strategic move aims to bring advanced hair restoration solutions to individuals seeking effective and innovative treatments.

With the launch of Evolved Hair Restoration in India, Levo Spa and Salon are taking a progressive step towards addressing the concerns of hair loss and providing cutting-edge solutions. The collaboration between Levo Spa and Salon and Evolved Hair Restoration promises to offer a range of advanced hair care and restoration services, leveraging the expertise of both entities.

This partnership not only marks a milestone for the Indian beauty and wellness industry but also offers individuals access to world-class hair restoration techniques that have gained recognition in Australia. The launch of this clinic in India is expected to meet the growing demand for transformative hair treatments, catering to a diverse clientele.

Levo Spa and Salon’s initiative to bring Evolved Hair Restoration to India underscores their commitment to staying at the forefront of beauty and wellness trends. By providing access to globally acclaimed hair restoration methodologies, they empower individuals to explore innovative options for enhancing their self-care.

As the first Australian Hair Clinic of its kind in India, Evolved Hair Restoration is set to make a lasting impact by their approach to hair care and restoration.