There is a lot of waste that salons generate. They have a huge impact on the environment but most are unaware about it. For instance, 70% of salon professionals do not know about the clean recycling streams for hair colour and how hair waste can impact greenhouse gas emissions.

A lot of waste is generated at salon from paper and plastic to more niche products like foils, hair clippings, and excess hair colour. Also, when hair is cut and thrown in a garbage bag that is buried in a landfill, it gives out potent greenhouse gases that could affect the environment. Similarly, aluminium, which is recyclable material is often contaminated and cannot be recycled. So it often ends up in landfills.

People Green Circle helps put green practices in places at Salon in US and Canada. It has 16,000 waste warriors or sustainable  beauty professionals who aim to keep their salons green and clean. The company is in partnership with salons to repurpose and recycle salon-generated waste like colour tubes, chemicals, and hair foils. It conducts many education and training programs in the US and Canada to help salons start more sustainable practices. They have customised waste management solutions that can reduce 95% of beauty waste from landfills.

Green Circle is working towards a noble cause. Though the awareness and inclination is slow, the momentum is building and soon enough they will be able to achieve their final goal of a green and clean environment.

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