Fresh, Fun, and Flamboyant – Bookmark StyleSpeak’s rocking summer-ready digits that are sure to turn heads

The vibrant energy of summer is here, and everyone is looking for lighter styles to embrace this vibe. The fashion statements extend to makeup, hairstyles, and even their nails. StyleSpeak rolls out the latest nail trends creating waves this summer. From the resurgence of jelly nails, the enduring popularity of classic pastels, and the must-try aura nail technique, these nail trends are taking the beauty world by storm. So, prep your polishes, dust off your nail art brushes, and unleash your creativity as you dive into the world of trending summer nails!

Metallic Jelly Nailart – 90s Nostalgia
Jelly nails are back in vogue, but in attractive metallic tones. Even TikTok has witnessed over 427.4 million views and 16 thousand videos on Jellynails. What’s new are the metallic accents in silver, copper, and rose gold. These clear, multicoloured hues have a beam-line sheen in blues and purple. To get the perfect shine, sandwich a chrome or metallic nail paint with jelly polish and follow it up with a shade of chrome-effect powder or polish. Paint another layer of jelly polish to complete the look.

Timeless Elegance of Dreamy Pastel Hues

This summer is all about soft and subtle pastels like baby pink, soft lemon, and mint green. This fresh and fun vibe goes well with the summer mood, exuding a refreshing and airy vibe. Their versatility allows for endless possibilities, whether you prefer a clean and simple solid colour manicure or a playful mix-and-match approach. For a touch of whimsy, consider incorporating dainty floral designs or geometric accents in pastel shades. No matter your client’s preference, pastel nails are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that perfectly complements carefree days and breezy nights.

Charming and Chic Summer Florals

Add a touch of feminity to the nails with the evergreen floral patterns. Channel a minimalist aesthetic with delicate single buds adorning a few accent nails. For the bolder client, create a floral explosion with a mix of colours and textures. Don’t forget – negative space and metallic accents can add a modern twist to classic floral motifs, making this trend truly adaptable to any client’s taste.

Floral French tips are another way to flaunt this style, using the classic French manicure and elevating it with delicate floral designs on the tips. Opt for tiny pastel flowers for a subtle and romantic look or embrace bolder hues and intricate designs for a show-stopping statement. For the base colour, you could go in for the classic white or try sheer nudes or even a wash of soft pastel.

 French Manis with A Twist

The classical elegance of French mani reigns this summer but with a twist of a dash of colour. Sky blue, buttery yellow, and juicy corals are the trending hues for the tips. You can pick one shade or toss them around, painting each fingernail with a different colour. This trend works beautifully on all nail shapes and lengths, making it a versatile option for any client seeking a summer manicure with a fun and fashionable twist.

3D Embellishments for a Dash of Flamboyance

This summer, nails are getting a whole new dimension with the rise of 3D embellishments! Take your clients’ manicures from flat to fabulous with a variety of eye-catching 3D elements. Delicate seashells and shimmering rhinestones instantly evoke a beachy vibe, while tiny sculpted fruits like cherries or dainty floral embellishments add a playful touch. For a touch of luxury, consider using metallic studs or 3D charms in geometric shapes. Remember, the key is to keep the embellishments strategically placed to avoid overwhelming the nail. This trend allows for endless creative freedom – mix and match different elements or create a cohesive theme that reflects your client’s personality.

Aura Nails for a Radiant Feel

Inspired by the concept of a radiant energy field surrounding the body, Aura Nails captures a mystical and captivating vibe. Achieve this look by using airbrush techniques or a dabbing motion with a sponge to create a gradient effect on the nail. Let the colours seamlessly blend from a soft, ethereal centre towards a more vibrant outer edge. Choose the shades that resonate with your client and their emotions. Popular summery hues to experiment with include, warm sunset oranges and pinks, calming lavenders and blues, or even a touch of shimmering gold for an extra dose of magic.

So, amp up your client’s fashion statement with the hottest nail trends this summer! With these show-stopping looks in your arsenal, you’ll have them rocking their summer manis and pedis with confidence, leaving a trail of envious stares wherever they go.