Show-stopper hairstyles for suave grooms to sport on their big day.

While the brides are on their makeover journey, the grooms are getting into the grooming grove too! With the wedding season in full swing, salons are sure to pick up on business and you need to help your male clients catch up with the changing trends too. Hair is a crucial aspect for grooming and this is where you can help the grooms get that perfect look.

While choices are many, knowing your client’s needs makes it easy to recommend a hairstyle which suits them best. StyleSpeak brings you 18 trendy hairstyles for grooms this wedding season.

  1. Classic Pompadour

    A classic pompadour is about elegance and is just right for grooms. Conspicuously noticeable, the style features a puff on the crown with neat scissor cut medium side fades. Pompadours can be combined with a variety of styles to add more dimension to the look and not to forget, variations are always in vogue!

  2. Minimalist Comet Tail & a Brush Back Style

    Inspired by the trails comets leave behind, this is an eyecatching style for the millennial grooms this season. The dual skin fade streaks create a cosmic effect with the body of the hair brushed backwards.

  3. Textured pompadour

    While pompadours are simply classy, the modern style adds a bit more punch. If your client is fashion conscious, he’ll love the textured long hair on top slicked back, with a matte pomade, wax or clay.

  4. The Buzz

    One of the most attractive styles for the modern-day grooms, the buzz cut features slightly longer hair on the top with square cut hairline.

  5. Slicked back short hair

    A classic style that adds volume to the hair. A little bit of hard work combined with the right products and a blow dry can make your groom client’s D-Day special with this look.

  6. Retro High-Top Fade

    A stylish throwback to the retro styles, this haircut is sure to turn heads and is perfect for grooms. All it needs is a good hair product. Get your clients to check this style and you’ll watch them love it!

  7. Classic Taper Cut

    Tailored for special occasions, the taper cut is hassle-free and needs the hair to be free of any damage before styling. Its beauty is in its simplicity.

  1. Casual Slicked-back Man Bun

    A perfect choice for a beach wedding, this man bun hairstyle is a blend of a formal and casual look. A little bit of gel can do all the magic your groom clients need on their big day.

  2. Sleek Side Parting

    A simple and safe wedding hairstyle for grooms, the classic swept-back look has gained popularity in recent years. It suits any face cut and looks elegantly understated.

  3. Low Fade & Textured Medium Crop

    Ideal for thicker hair, this hairstyle has the hair blown out in waves on the crown and the sides have a faded, trim look.

  4. Infinity Man Bun

    If your client is looking for something different than the usual man bun styles, an infinity man bun is a great choice you can experiment with. Add in a couple of extra twists to add a dramatic look!

  5. Faux Hawk Haircut

    Edgy faux hawk haircut, although has a little less dramatic look than a traditional mohawk, is nothing less than eyecatching, and an excellent choice for grooms-to-be. Interestingly this style can play up the ‘punk on a holiday’ look, yet look classy for a wedding.

  6. Short Choppy Curls

    Have a client who needs some taming for his curly hair? This one is the best! The curls are cut short giving super intense texture resembling short spikes. A great choice for curly haired grooms!

  7. Ivy League

    Featuring tapered sides with a length just enough to style, the classic Ivy league reflects the spark of a soldier. Smart and polished in appearance, it’s one of the most sought after looks any groom wants.

  8. Natural Waves

    A bit of length makes this one a great choice. A hairstyle with wacky waves being styled up for your client’s big day. Use a product to smooth out the hair and you’re good to go.

  9. Ruffled Spikes

    Trendy and easy to pull off with, ruffled spikes is a youthful and vibrant hairstyle that suits every occasion and outfit. Grooms are sure to dazzle with this quirky hairstyle!

  10. Medium Spikes with Faded Sides

    An interesting hairstyle with an uncanny balance between being wacky and traditional, this one is a trend setting choice for grooms.

  11. Dapper Hairstyle

    A royal look that the dapper hairstyle offers is perfect for grooms. A bit of hair wax or spray is all one needs to keep the look on for the day.

It’s all about the best you choose for your clients for their wedding look. All you need to do is understand what they need and help them glam up in their ‘groom’ avatars.

Happy Grooming this wedding season!

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