Trends in hair color are taking the world by storm, and India is no exception. More women and men than ever are discovering how hair color can completely change their entire appearance, embracing it as a powerful means of self-expression to convey unique identities and moods through fashion. Leading the charge in this vibrant revolution is Schwarzkopf Professional, a brand synonymous with innovation and excellence across all aspects of hair.
For over 120 years, Schwarzkopf Professional has always been at the forefront of the hair care industry, setting trends and pushing boundaries with their advanced formulations and cutting-edge technology. Their commitment to creating high-performance products ensures that every product delivers brilliant, high perform results. Schwarzkopf Professional is dedicated to empowering hairdressers to unleash their creativity and achieve their professional aspirations.Revolutionising Hair Color in IndiaHair Stylists’ favorite, Essensity, has transitioned to IGORA Zero Amm, bringing with it an advanced, ammonia-free formula. In a groundbreaking move, Schwarzkopf Professional introduces IGORA Zero Amm, a revolutionary addition to the megabrand’s umbrella of hair color. This range features an innovative, ammonia-free formula that provides up to 100% white hair coverage, ensuring rich, long-lasting color. It offers intense care, so you can achieve stunning hair color results without any compromise. With 21 exciting shades, the range allows for endless possibilities. What’s more, IGORA Zero Amm doesn’t require a dedicated developer, allowing salons to save valuable space without sacrificing quality or creativity.“We are thrilled to introduce IGORA Zero Amm,” says Melissa Hughe, Technical Head, Schwarzkopf Professional. “Our commitment to providing high-performance, sustainable products continues with this launch, ensuring that our clients receive the best in hair care and color innovation.”Mira Kapoor: Bringing IGORA Zero Amm to LifeFronting this transformative launch is the charismatic Mira Kapoor, whose elegance and contemporary appeal epitomise the essence of IGORA Zero Amm.

“I’m thrilled to be the face of IGORA Zero Amm in India! I love how rich my hair color looks and how nourished my hair feels. I can change up my look whenever I want without having to compromise on the health or quality of my hair. Schwarzkopf Professional has always been my trusted choice for hair color, blending a legacy of innovation with results I can count on. IGORA Zero Amm perfectly aligns with everything I stand for—empowerment, confidence, and sustainability.” – Mira Kapoor, Hair Muse, Schwarzkopf Professional

The Science Behind IGORA Zero Amm’s Revolutionary Formula

Formulated with cutting-edge Phytolipid Technology, IGORA Zero Amm offers an unparalleled color experience. This advanced formulation combines specific pigment mixes with natural micronised oils, ensuring equal pigment penetration from root to tip.

Infused with Grape Seed Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil, these micronized oils enhance color performance, delivering long-lasting, true-to-tone results. Additionally, the presence of Omega 9 unsaturated fatty acids helps maintain the hair’s moisture balance, providing optimal care and nourishment.

Deconstructing the IGORA Zero Amm Looks

Hair color is more than just a trend—it’s a canvas for endless possibilities. The breakthrough range embodies innovation and excellence in every hue, empowering hairdressers to bring their artistic vision to life and deliver exceptional results. For hairdressers, it’s not just a product, but a powerful tool to unleash creativity and craft personalised, stunning looks.

Crafting Mira’s Timeless Look

For Mira’s look, the ever-popular blend of light and dark chocolate shades creates a sophisticated base. This hair color is further enhanced by the strategic placement of a money piece, interspersed with subtle biscuit-colored highlights throughout the hair. Versatile and universally flattering, this look suits all skin tones and hair types, making it perfect for any season. It can be easily dressed up or down, offering versatile styling possibilities.

The Perfect Blend of Red and Violet

For this captivating look that’s currently trending worldwide, envision a rich wine color that harmonises flawlessly with any client’s skin tone. Blended red and violet tones to create a bespoke formula that achieves this exquisite shade. This tailored approach showcases how precise color formulation can elevate a client’s look, making every salon experience a true expression of artistry and client satisfaction.

Designing the Ash Beige Look

To achieve this ash beige look, start with a cool tone that complements cool skin tones beautifully. Enhance the look by incorporating a beige chocolate shade, adding depth and richness. Begin by applying babylights to break up the hair and add dimension. Then, use IGORA Zero Amm to showcase the highs and lows in the hair, resulting in a dynamic and textured finish. This technique ensures a sophisticated and versatile style that will impress your clients.

Explore the limitless potential of IGORA Zero Amm and elevate your artistry to new heights.

Harness the power of ZERO.

Zero Ammonia. Zero Compromise. Zero Worries.