HBF aims to unite during crisis, support members’ growth, and advocate for the industry’s interests, offering higher-level coordination and authority

The Hair and Beauty Federation (HBF) was formed in response to the significant challenges faced by India’s beauty, wellness, and cosmetics industry during the Covid pandemic. The industry endured extended lockdowns, leading to the closure of salons, spas, and academies for nearly two years. The impact on the sector resulted in economic struggles, suicides, and loss of lives. Recognizing the lack of representation and communication with the government, industry leaders decided to unite under HBF to advocate for their interests.

The initial driving forces behind HBF were Uday Takke and Ashok Paliwal, who bought prominent figures nationwide. Despite the hurdles posed by lockdowns, Nirmal Randhawa, Vipin Dabas, Savio John Pereira, and others showed faith in the idea. Through virtual meetings, they collaborated and officially launched HBF on July 4, 2023. Renowned figures from the industry, including Monica Behl, CEO of B&WSSCI; Blossom Kochhar, Chairperson of B&WSSCI, hair expert Harish Bhatia, Seema Jerajani, Gurpreet Seble, Najeeb Ur Rehman, Shyam Bhatia, Disha Meher, Unnati Singh, Kanchan Mehra, Sheela Iyer, Jaywant Thackeray, Dr. Manish Gaware, Abhay Girdhar and Ashwin Arora graced the launch with their presence.

Ashok Paliwal currently serves as the President of HBF (INDIA), with key members holding various responsibilities. The roles include uniting Indian associations, fostering unity among celebrity artists (Nirmal Randhawa, Neeta Parekh, Pinky Singh), managing social media promotion (Vipin Dabas, Savio John Pereira), and developing economic strategies for the federation’s survival (Dr. Madhumita Saikia).

In the upcoming months and year, HBF’s goal is centred around promoting unity, integrity, and economic growth. With over 80 registered associations, HBF aims to expand its reach within and beyond India to support comprehensive development.

Becoming a member of HBF involves straightforward and non-technical entry procedures, with no entry fees. The focus is on fostering unity and economic progress for all members.

Under the able leadership of Ashok Paliwal, HBF aims to unite during crisis, support members’ growth, and advocate for the industry’s interests, setting itself apart from traditional associations by offering higher-level coordination and authority.