Men are breaking the stereotype and embracing their colourful nails

Taking care of the nails, painting them in vibrant colours and adding unique nail art are all a part of the “getting ready” process. While women love styling their nails, men have neglected the need to take proper care of their nails for a long time. However, that is not the case anymore! Popular celebrities, whether they’re singers or actors or even businessmen, are breaking the stereotype and showcasing their nails in a colourful avataar!

Here’s a look at some top celebs and their ‘polished nails’:

  1. Harry Styles

Everyone adores Harry Styles — not just for his songs but also for his flamboyant fashion and makeup choices, specifically his nails. The singer’s Instagram account is filled with him is vibrant looks with his nails painted in different colours. In fact, he broke the Internet just with his ‘Pleasing’ nail polish collection!


  1. A$AP Rocky

Whether it’s Met Gala or a date night, A$AP Rocky knows how to dazzle with cool nails. The rapper’s nail art is outstandingly inspiring! His nail artist, Kim Truong, claims that A$AP Rocky comes with unique and specific vision for his nail art and one of them was for Rihanna’s Oscar nomination.

  1. Machine Gun Kelly

The American rapper and songwriter never shy away from displaying his fashion and beauty choices, including his nails. His extravagant nail art is one of the things that kept him in the spotlight. In fact, Machine Gun Kelly even owns a nail paint line UN DN – his breakthrough in the beauty industry.

  1. Jared Leto

Jared Leto is one of the celebrities known to amaze the paparazzi with their style statement. But his painted nails have become his signature beauty statement. Even to get a cup of coffee, Jared Leto won’t leave without getting his nails painted!

  1. Paul Klein

Next in line is singer Paul Klein who loves painting his nails just as much as singing. He started applying nail paint in 2018 in one hand only. However, in 2020, he got his first real manicure, including getting a checkboard pattern nail art.

  1. Samir Modi

The founder and MD of Colorbar Cosmetics, Samir Modi is also among the men who embraced coloured nails. In his LinkedIn post, he posed with nails painted in red shade. The post mentioned celebration of their Vegan Nail Lacquer line which was a crucial step for redefining the beauty industry.

  1. Lil Nas X

The American rapper loves getting ready for red carpet events. Whether it’s his clothes, hair or even his nails! From dark green nail paint to elaborate nail art and even customized gel extensions for the MET, he has his nails prepped up for every event.