Megan Fox wore diamond studded, white gold manicure at the Grammys 2023. Each of her nails was made with 14- karat solid white gold. Her nails were extremely long and pointy along with being super luxurious. These nails were created by manicurist Brittany Boyce.

Brittany shaped Aprés Nail Gel-X extensions in a way that they perfectly matched Megan’s natural nails. Then these extensions were 3D scanned by Jillian Sassone, the founder of Marrow Fine Jewelry to custom create moulds which were filled with 14-karat white gold.

The 14-karat white gold nails were stiletto tips and were polished by Boyce. Each nail tip had a diamond studded cross shape. The diamonds were neatly arranged in the cross shape after the nail tips were polished. Each cross had 15 white diamonds on them. 150 diamonds were used in the creation of these nails.

These 14-karat white gold nails that were created through the collaborative effort of Boyce and Sassone for Megan Fox set out new standards in the nail industry.

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