Biosoft introduces the new Foldable Silicone Wax Heater. Comprising of features like fast heating, the gadget adopts a 100-watt high-power design and heating capacity of 120 °C that ensures the wax heats up quickly.

The main highlight of the heater is the wax pot made of premium silicone. It is non-sticky and easy to clean once the wax has cooled and hardened. With its collapsible design, this compact and convenient wax heater can be folded up easily. The gadget’s portable design makes it a smart and ideal choice even for waxing therapists who provide mobile waxing treatments to clients at their homes.

This bowl has two handles to prevent the hands from getting burnt, making it convenient for use. The wax heater is a hygienic product and can be used for peelable and stripless wax, or waxes with beads.