Get the perfect blend of innovation, affordability, and style in these hair irons

Hairstyling requires special tools to create awe-inspiring looks, and styling hair with personal taste and elegance seems to be the way forward. Keeping this futuristic perspective in mind, Lizze has introduced Hair Irons. Classified as ‘powerful tools to create powerful styles’, Lizze Hair Irons offer innovative and affordable hairstyling. With advanced technology, adjustable temperature settings, and suitablility for all hair types, Lizze Hair Irons are a valuable addition to any hair salon.

Features of Lizze Hair Irons:
  • Damage-free hair: The Lizze Extreme Iron can achieve a maximum heat of 250°C, making it hotter than other conventional irons. However, high heat does not translate to damage. Its titanium plates are designed to keep hair away from these issues. The iron is also designed to work with coloured hair without leaving any trace of damage on the pigments and the crimps are designed to retain moisture in the hair follicles even at extreme temperatures.
  • Provides modern technology: With the Lizze Extreme Iron, one can save both time and money. This state-of-the-art hair iron with Nano Titanium Technology that straightens hair 70% faster. This way, you can save money on electricity usage.
  • Adjustable temperature setting: Create the hairstyles of your client’s choice with the variable temperature settings on the heating iron.
  • Compatible with all hair types: Whether your client’s hair is thick or extremely frizzy, the Lizze Extreme iron is capable of delivering desired results without unnecessary snags and struggles.
  • Easy accessibility: The iron also comes attached with a 10-foot swivel cord that does not entangle and a LED screen for easy accessibility.

The brand is committed to delivering sturdy, innovative products at affordable prices. With Lizze Hair Irons, Beauty Essentials intends to bring a significant change in the way heat hair styling is done in India.

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