Jean-Claude Biguine reaches a major milestone with 1560 hair and foot spas in a span of 180 minutes, setting a new record in the Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records. The three-hour long challenge is another feather in the cap of Jean-Claude Biguine Salons, which prides itself on effective and efficient spa experiences.

In a whirlwind of three hours, Jean-Claude Biguine Salons orchestrated an extraordinary display of dedication and efficiency, as evidenced by the staggering numbers of services: 872 in Mumbai, 446 in Bangalore, 172 in Chennai, and 70 in Pune, culminating in a grand total of 1560 rejuvenating hair and foot spas. The sheer numbers of this feat were accompanied with a high bar for quality service.

Jean-Claude Biguine embraced both sustainability and technological advancements in their services. Using eco-friendly Davines products are one of the ways the salon chain aims to reduce its carbon footprint. On the other hand, the integration of iPad technology and monitoring devices demonstrates their forward approach to innovative technological solutions. Meanwhile, implementing holistic reflexology treatments in their spas sets them apart.

Jean-Claude Biguine’s efforts to revolutionise the standard of service in the industry has been met with approval and appreciation from their clientele. Relishing the hydrating and nourishing effects on their hair, clients have remarked that the hair spas have been effective in repairing damaged hair and smoothing rough hair. Positive testimonials are a sign that client satisfaction is high at Jean-Claude Biguine.

The 38-year-old salon chain rejoices at setting this new record, and expresses its hopes for a bright future. After already expanding worldwide in locations such as Tokyo and New York, Jean-Claude Biguine balances their aspirations for expansion and upgrading together with their dedication to sustainability and customer satisfaction. With their impeccable service and international presence, they aim to create a worldwide community of hair artists and clients.