US affordable makeup brand Makeup Revolution has launched its brand new Bright Light Drops. Available in bronzer, blush, and highlighter forms, these drops are meant to create a bright, tanned look in a moment.

The formula is a sheer, tinted oil, which is buildable and blendable, melting into your regular makeup routine to add an extra brightening or tanning effect to the skin. The Bright Light Drops are a versatile product which can be combined with other products to create a personalised look for each customer. For example, the drops can be used without makeup or on sunscreen to create a natural, glowy look. On the other hand, they can be mixed with foundation to illuminate the skin from within. Initial product trials have yielded positive results, with a majority of testers finding that the drops give them a brightening, bronzing effect instantaneously.

It is not only the external effects of Makeup Revolution’s Bright Light drops which set it apart from its competitors. The Bright Light drops are also nourishing for the skin, containing ingredients such as squalene and hyaluronic acid which can hydrate and enrich. Hence, the drops can be said to truly bring out a glow from within.

Makeup Revolution is also branded as an affordable, budget-friendly alternative to larger, more premium brands, and the Bright Light Bronzing drops are no different. Priced at an affordable $12 USD, the drops are all about quality together with accessibility. Their philosophy of versatile, cruelty free products will go a long way in impressing their consumer base.

The Makeup Revolution products are available in India at Tira Beauty, Tata Cliq, Nykaa, and other online platforms.