TIP&TOE Nails Lashes Brows, a well-known luxury salon chain known for its Nail Lash Brow services, has collaborated with HAIRMECHANIXX, a rapidly expanding Men’s Grooming Salon Chain. This groundbreaking collaboration marks the debut of Punjab’s first salon to seamlessly integrate Men’s Grooming with Nails, Lashes, and Brows offerings, providing clients with a sophisticated and personalized experience tailored to their specific needs.

A collaborative effort between Sharmila Thanki of TIP&TOE, Sanjiv Sharma of HAIRMECHANIXX, and Niharika and Shubham Maheshwari of Franchise Partners, the salon is a stylish and spacious space that offers an amazing 1200 square feet. Its classic black and gold theme creates an elegant atmosphere. Thanks to its convenient location, getting to and from the airport and city will be simple for any customer.

Innovative features include state-of-the-art full-body massaging pedicure chairs, advanced nail tables, and meticulously crafted interior design. With a diverse menu offering services featuring products sourced from both Indian and international brands, TIP&TOE Nails Lashes Brows aims to provide unmatched luxury, hygiene, and safety standards at competitive prices.

“This marks the inauguration of TIP&TOE’s inaugural branch in Punjab, and I am delighted to partner with our franchisees. They are dynamic young entrepreneurs with keen business acumen. The ambience of all our TIP&TOE salons remains consistent – luxurious, elegant, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, and dedicated to providing top-notch services and products to our clientele. The same ethos has been meticulously followed for this branch. As it operates under the FOCO model – Franchisee Owned Company Operated – our standard operating procedures, menu, and product offerings remain uniform across all branches. Congratulations to my team and franchise partners, and a warm welcome to the TIP&TOE family,” says Sharmila Thanki, Founder and Director of TIP&TOE.

“HAIRMECHANIXX has been a revolutionary force in the Men’s Grooming industry, aimed at transforming this unorganized sector into an organized one by implementing client-centric, men-centric standard operating procedures and utilizing top-quality men’s grooming products to provide our male clientele with the ultimate experience. This is our first outlet in the North, with Noida, Delhi, and Gurugram slated to open soon. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to our franchise partners and welcome them to the Hairmechanixx Family. Citizens of Mohali, brace yourselves for grooming like never before,” says Sanjiv Sharma, CEO of Grey Trendy Professionals Pvt Ltd for Hairmechanixx.

“Having experience in the beauty tech field, I was eager to establish a foothold in this field in my hometown. From there, one of my Mumbai-based pals told me about Tip & Toe Mumbai. With over ten years of experience in the nail, lash, and brow industries, Tip & Toe is a well-known brand that was a pioneer in these fields. And we also wanted to capture the currently growing Men’s Grooming industry, so who better than Hairmechanixx. We are thrilled to have Tip and Toe & Hairmechanixx in our area to provide our city’s beauty enthusiasts with an opulent experience.” Reveals Niharika Slathia, Partners in Franchise.

Key Highlights:

  • Luxury Pedicure Chairs and State-of-the-Art Nail Tables
  • Men’s Grooming Section Featuring Hairotic Men Products
  • Specialized Semi-Permanent Makeup Services
  • Centralized Operations Ensuring Consistency Across All Outlets