Kohinoor Square in Dadar, Mumbai is the latest site for the TIP&TOE Nails Lashes Brows, the renowned luxury Nails Lash Brow Salon chain in collaboration with HAIRMECHANIXX, the fast-growing and specialized men’s grooming salon chain.

Located just below Bastian, this lavish area is furnished with cutting-edge technology and offers excellent, globally compliant professional services to provide an unmatched customer experience. The dream project of Director and Founder, TIP&TOE Nails Lashes Brows Sharmila Thanki, it is a blend of elegance, luxury and modern design. The Dadar salon, their 9th Mumbai outlet, reflects international design trends and maintains a Black & Gold Luxurious Classy theme. This outlet is a shared space between Tip & Toe and HAIRMECHANIXX, which highlights the brand’s dual identities as a posh nail salon and a barbershop. A cool coffee/chai bar Edhaas greets you as you enter this dynamic salon. Further, the salon introduces some innovative features. This includes state-of-the-art nail tables, first-of-its-kind full-body massager pedicure chairs and a sophisticated model salon interior.

This 1700 sq ft carpeted franchisee-owned business is run by Kiara, a bright young businesswoman with an MBA degree. It promises to be an opulent retreat for lovers of grooming and beauty products.

TIP&TOE Nails Lashes Brows offers a range of premium services at reasonable prices. It has a list of diverse product-based services, from Indian to international brands that adhere to the highest standards of luxury, hygiene and safety.

Sharmila Thanki reveals, “Our colour theme of black and gold exudes class, royalty, and elegance. Experience our specially customized, luxurious pedi chairs to understand their distinction. Also, HAIRMECHANIXX, the men’s grooming haven within our salon, offers international premium products from Hairotic Men, proudly made in the UAE.”

Highlights of the Salon:

  • Luxury Pedicure Chairs and State-of-the-Art Nail Tables
  • Men’s Grooming Section Featuring Hairotic Men’s Products
  • Specialized Semi-Permanent Makeup Services
  • Centralized Operations: Ensuring Consistency Across All Outlets
  • Membership Scheme Redeemable Across TIP&TOE and HAIRMECHANIXX Outlets in India