This trendy world-class hair grooming range creates stylish looks for men

Gatsby India has embarked on the New Year with a bang by launching four new products in their hair styling range. For a world that is evolving at the speed of light, the brand surely knows how to withhold its promise with its unique offerings. This futuristic brand has always been miles ahead of its time in designing cutting-edge products and this time again they have proved this with their Clay series and their smart Spray Pomade.

Gatsby’s all new Bold Layer Texturizing Clay is here to raise the bar of hairstyling high while its Mat Lift Texturizing Clay is sure to level up the style game when it comes to casual looks. Both the texturizing clays are designed to provide firm setting and durability, ensuring the hair stays bundled throughout the day.

Gatsby’s Quick And Grease Spray Pomade: Formulated to render casual hairstyles, this product with features like astounding speed and ease of styling is designed to offer comfort while styling. Crafted to ensure that hands stay mess-free, this product is a styling must-have!

For creating casual and party looks, the brand has gone a notch higher with its avant garde powder formulation of clay. Its Unbreakable Smooth Powder Clay is the ultimate Go-To for all those who want to live it all! The flexibility and

volume that the product offers are absolutely unbelievable, allowing for a smooth switch from a casual to a party-ready look.

Gatsby’s state-of-the-art design comes from its ingrained Japanese lineage that is obsessed with quality, research, and development. Staying ahead of global trends and predicting the needs for the next generation of customers is an art that the Japanese have mastered. Additionally, its male grooming consumption is leagues ahead of any other market, giving direct access to future-ready products and trends. With products that are not just leading-edge in their innovation but also world-class in quality, grab the Gatsby series to create cool and trendy looks.

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