28 Nov 2023

Beauty routines have been embedded in traditional practices and natural solutions for centuries, but with the growth in technology, the game is changing. Today, the Beauty and Wellness industry is witnessing immense growth with the merging of science and technology into beauty routines.

The Nutricosmetics industry is one such example, where beauty and well-being is more holistic, focusing on internal and external beauty. The products aim at targeting the root cause and offer antioxidants, vital nutrients, and bioactive ingredients. Nutricosmetics works on personalisation offering tailor-made skincare products and services as per skin concern based on diet, genetic profile, and lifestyle. Brands that focus on scientific facts are more credible, gaining consumer trust. The industry is also working on clean beauty principles, focusing on natural ingredients and environmentally-friendly packaging. The global nutricosmetic market is expected to grow from $5 billion in 2023 to $8.2 billion by 2033, showing consumer preference for holistic well-being.

Moreover, digital technology is revolutionizing beauty choices. Online retail offers a larger and better product selection through personalising the shopping experience using AI / AR catering to specific consumer requirements based on  their gender, lifestyle, geography, health, and more.

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