29 Nov 2023

Abu Dhabi Municipality conducted an inspection at beauty parlours, men’s and children’s salons to ensure that health standards are implemented. This included, keeping the premises clean, sterilising equipment, and focus on personal hygiene and health awareness amongst employees. Any violation would lead to hefty fines amounting to Dh 5,000.

During the inspection, officials checked the expiration dates of all materials used in the salons and ensured that only high-quality and effective sterilisation equipment was used for cleaning tools. The team also educated employees working at these salons about the potential harmful effects of using tools like shaving tools, nail clippers, hair-cutting instruments without proper sterilisation. The municipal teams told the employees about the importance of cleaning the product for at least two minutes. They checked if the UV light in the toolbox was working and ensured that there are waste containers with lids that are cleaned and emptied daily.

Salons were also asked not to mix low-quality cosmetic products or those unauthorized by competent authorities and those that do not align with the product label’s specification. They stressed on using only officially licensed hair softening and colouring products in children’s salons along with regular and proper cleaning of tools, toys, and decorations in these salons.

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