According to Mintel’s research, one in five Indian shoppers still believe that Ayruvedic beauty products and treatments are old fashioned, even though India has accounted for 50% of global Ayurveda products in the personal care and beauty segment between 2018-2023. Ayurvedic hair care has accounted for a 21% share, while face care is at 14%.

As per the research, there is immense focus on inner health and well-being off late, which has boosted Ayurvedic beauty trend. According to Tanya Rajani, Principal Beauty and Personal Care Analyst, Mintel Reports India, the popularity of Ayurveda increased during the pandemic when consumers started taking a keen interest in their health and wellness through this age-old system. However, consumers are still interested in having credible proof of its efficacy with 19% of Ayurvedic facial care users and 16% of overall consumers asking for evidence.

Statistics reveal that about 46% of consumers who have used Ayurvedic facial products are keen on using them in the future too, but find them to be expensive. About 18% of them feel that they are old fashioned, while 18% find that the results take effect rather slowly.

The research also shows that 36% of Indians believe that Ayurvedic ingredients help in overall well-being, while 30% of consumers prefer beauty and personal care products with Ayurvedic ingredients as they do not have harmful chemicals.