10 Aug 2023

Olay’s R&D team has developed a new skincare serum that is supposed to deliver great results in a short span of time. Formulated with exclusive vitamin C, collagen peptide, niacinamide, vitamin E and AHA, the new Olay Super Serum has a low-pH activated niacinamide, which is the key ingredient of this power-packed product.

The activated niacinamide offers even skin tone and also improves skin texture. According to Olay, the activated niacinamide offers faster and long lasting effects, showing visible results in a matter of two weeks versus two months for other products.

According to Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson, Principal Scientist, Olay North America, the activated niacinmaide gives the skin optimal pH, where the serum has a pH of 3.8 while the natural pH level is 5.5. The skin soaks in the product and neutralises it to bring it to pH 5.5.

The product underwent clinical trial on 200 women from different ethinicities and skin tones to know its efficacy on different types of skin tones. The results were visible giving an even toned skin, better texture, firmness and hydration.

In addition to its ingredient benefits, the Olay Super Serum has a unique visual appeal. When applied, the serum is soft pink shimmery colour, but it becomes clear when massaged into the skin, to show that it has been properly absorbed by the skin.