A glance at the different techniques of facial massage and their importance in promoting better skin health

Beauty treatments have come a long way with the advent of technology. Beauty treatments, especially massages with their health and stress relief benefits have grown popular over the years. StyleSpeak throws light on some of the popular massage styles for facials and their benefits, so you can have them on your menu and get your clients’ skin glowing.

The benefits of massage

Facial massages are treatment techniques that stimulate pressure points on the shoulder, neck and face to release stress and improve skin health through better blood circulation.

There are different styles and patterns in facial massages each targeting different issues. Among the biggest concerns is stress and ageing skin. It is important for a professional to understand the skin type of the client before recommending or performing any facial. This is crucial because, in some cases, the massage /techniques might not support the desired outcomes based on the client’s skin type.

Here are some massage techniques for the face and body selected according to different skin types:
  • Toning movements – Involves massage patterns of folding, face lifting, single and double flipping and digital kneading
  • Very light pressure – One of the simplest techniques, yet effective are digital kneading, vibrations
  • Heavier pressure, stimulating movements – This technique involves heel palm kneading, knuckle kneading etc
  • Relaxing movements – Along the trapezius muscle and back of neck, vibrations, and Jacquet pinching are increasingly becoming the most chosen massage techniques for relaxation

Reflexology – A gentle and painless massage technique done with fingertips on specific pressure-point on the face. Facial reflexology stimulates reflex points and zones on the face which reaches the brain and to different parts of the body. Natural or organic facial oils are typically used as a part of the massage. Facial reflexology’s benefits include:

  • Healthier skin
  • Stress relief
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Greater energy
  • Improved mood

Sinus – Sinus is one of the most common issues seen in people and it’s undoubtedly discomforting. While facial massages are soothing, the benefit of improving the sinus comes like a package deal. Benefits of sinus massage in facials include:

  • Draining of mucus
  • Alleviates headaches
  • Boosts blood circulation

Lymphatic massage facial – One of the most relaxing types of facials, the lymphatic drainage facial is a part of the classic facial which involves only massaging. Usually done around the face and neck area, this massage technique is known to stimulate the lymph nodes and drain toxins, eliminating tension and puffiness from your skin. Prominent benefits of a lymphatic massage include:

  • Improved blood circulation which gives a natural blush to the skin
  • Better relaxation
Points to Remember
  • Always cleanse your client’s face before a facial massage
  • Hands must be sanitized thoroughly
  • Select the products or facial oils based on your client’s skin type
  • Consider a patch test with the products on your client’s skin to avoid allergies/ reactions
  • Apply the product on the face and tap with your fingers making it easy for the skin to absorb
  • The motion or massage strokes should be upward near the eyebrows
  • Start massaging from the chin, moving up to the cheek bones
  • The other stroke involves starting from behind the earlobes all the way down to the collarbones
  • Make sure you maintain a pattern of massaging in a unidirectional motion 3-6 times
Long-term Benefits of Facial Massage

While there has been extensive research going on how massages benefit the human body, here we have some evidence based benefits your clients might be interested to know.

  • Anti-ageing – Facials involve specific pattern massaging that improves blood circulation leading to increased collagen production, which further improves and helps build the skin structure. It also reduces acne.
  • TMJ – Massaging around the temporomandibular joint soothes and alleviates pain.
  • Glowing skin – Increase in blood circulation brightens the skin and in an even skin tone.
  • Facial rejuvenation – Facials involve lymphatic draining massage patterns which eliminate toxins resulting in rejuvenating dull skin.
  • Scar tissue management – Facial massages specifically designed for scar tissues help in regaining mobility and strength in the damaged tissue.

Facial massages are a sensitive aspect of beauty treatments for which professionals must be technically well-trained and highly skilled to use certain tools for even better results.

Regular facial massages can aid in significant improvements in the skin, the aesthetic benefits are also influenced by the client’s overall health. So, take this chance to upskill your regular practices and get you clients come back for more.