18 Aug 2023

Leading global fitness wear brand Nike plans to start a network of boutique fitness studios in 2023. The first ones are slated to be opened in West Hollywood and Newport Beach, California. The studios will offer in-person workouts done along with app based at-home workouts. Nike will also have social fitness events to form a community of fitness enthusiasts.

The studio will offer two types of fitness regimes, Nike Training Studios (NTS) and Nike Running Studios (NRS). The former will have interval and strength modalities with sleds, sandbags, weights, kettlebells, and other functional equipment. The program will be done in parts with periodical training blocks that will be done in rotation with three workout types.

The NRS format will be broken into floor work and treadmill. It will also have a NRS Pace Screen that will show solo and group workouts, giving users an immersive experience.

FitLab, a global apparel brand will work with Nike on this project.