Framar, the no. 1 Canadian French luxury brand is being launched in India through Loveself Beauty. The brand specializes in colouring accessories, colouring brushes, Balayage boards, colour wipes, beach-blending gloves, foils, magic weaver combs used for sections etc. These elite products, marketed and available across the globe will now be available in India at attractive prices.

With this launch, Loveself Beauty ensures to make Framar products available to the Indian salons and stylists at half the cost as compared to their prices across the globe. The Balayage board priced at Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 5000 will be available at Rs. 2600 in India. Similarly, the colouring brushes sold at Rs.1600, Rs. 1800 to Rs. 2200 on Amazon through some international sellers, will now be available for Rs. 800 for 2 (Rs. 400 for a single brush). The cost of foils has also been reduced to half the cost for India as compared to its cost overseas. “By introducing Framar to India, Loveself Beauty endeavours to make the brand accessible and available to every salon in India, not just the elite salons. The well-known premium brand was priced obnoxiously high, making affordability a big issue.” Framar is highly in demand and available in US and Canada and on international sites at double the cost.