Realizing the fact that beauty is more than skin deep, cosmetic companies are creating awareness and integrating external and internal beauty in their products and communications. This comes in the wake of consumers’ changing preferences towards products and wellness. Using a product to hide dark circles isn’t the best solution anymore. It has to be combined with adequate sleep. The combined process results in reducing dark circles. Awareness of this aspect also contributes towards the physical and mental wellness, resulting in good health.

A research conducted by Mintel Research revealed that over 40 percent of Indian consumer’s attribute factors such as stress, inadequate sleep, lifestyle changes and unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity etc. to skin-related issues. The report states that consumers are taking precautionary measures and giving importance to sleep and consuming a healthy diet to keep skin-related problems away. They have started believing that maintaining physical and mental wellness is a priority in maintaining overall health of the skin.

Another trend highlighted by Tanya Rajani, principal analyst, Mintel Reports India states that there is an opportunity waiting to be tapped in the mind-body connection called Neuroglow which marketers should prioritize. Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Honasa Consumer feels consumers are increasingly becoming aware about the mind and body connection and the integration of a good lifestyle along with using the right skincare product goes a long way in achieving overall wellness. Another study conducted by P & G to understand the relationship between sleep patterns and skin health found that inadequate sleep does lead to yellowish skin tones.

All these factors have resulted in products and advertisements laying a lot of emphasis on wellness combined with using the right products

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