19 Mar 2024

Dyson plans to launch a new supersonic hair dryer, the Nural. This energy-conscious hair dryer is smaller in size and has a new scalp mode that reduces heat as it moves closer to the hair. Additionally, it has an LED light that changes its colour when it is in scalp mode. This helps protect the scalp.

Since 2016, before Dyson launched its first supersonic hair dryer, its engineering team had been researching on hair health and it had been wanting to include scalp health in its products too.

In its newest product, Dyson has added many news features such as attachment learning technology with which it recognises which attachment is being used and then accordingly adjusts the speed and heat. It also has a pause detect feature that senses when the dryer is put down and then automatically switches off the motor and turns off the heat. One of its attachments is the wave-and-curl diffuser that creates loose waves without any frizz.

The Nural is available in two bright colour combinations, purple-and-orange and turquoise-and-orange, in line with the other brightly coloured Dyson devices. It will be available in May 2024 and will be priced at $499.99.