The Four Seasons Hotel Doha Spa and Wellness Centre will host aesthetician brand Young LDN and their new beauty technology from The EmFace by BTL Aesthetics.

BTL Aesthetics’ The Emface is a novel, top-of-the-line technology approved by the FDA and CE. The non-surgical process improves facial structures to clear wrinkles and provide a facelift-like effect. The synchronised RF heating and HIFESTM technology increases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, giving noticeable results in just one session.

Other Young LDN treatments which will be available in Four Seasons Doha are the Teen Signature Facial, Growth Factor Treatments, Body Treatments, and the YL Bespoke To You. These are science-backed, evidence-based treatments which provide a relaxing, rejuvenating effect to the skin and body, helping in anti-aging, fatigue release, and improving overall skin wellness.

The London-based Young LDN is a spa and wellness centre that focuses on giving its audiences a break from the stresses of city life. Providing unique services such as their Builder-in-a-Bottle manicure or specialised acne facials, Young LDN is truly paving the way for innovative wellness. Their two-pronged approach, the Beauty Lounge and the Skin Lab, lead their clients through their skin issues and their personalised solutions. Young LDN is also one of the only places which offers Emface treatments, developed by BTL Aesthetics.

The two well-established brands will come together to enrich the local community in Doha and hotel visitors, providing a unique experience which is not widely available around the world. Both Four Seasons Doha and Young LDN hope to embody the technological and cultural forwardness of Qatar through providing cutting-edge services to their guests, helping them with both their interior health and outward beauty.