27 Sep 2023

Ikonic Professional has launched the Vibe Range, especially for professional and salon use. The main highlight of the range is the use of technology and cutting-edge features such as Infrared Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It is the first time in India that AI technology has been integrated with an infrared light system, which helps decide the suitable temperature of the hair type. With this advanced feature, every stylist can get excellent results with minimal heat damage. The infrared technology also helps tame frizz and static in hair and locks in moisture, giving lasting effects.

The Vibe Range stands out from the rest of Ikonic Professional’s products due to its vibrant colours e.g. teal, peach, and white, which is a refreshing change from the standard black-coloured gadgets.

The other interesting features in the new range include a 60-minute automatic cut-off, a side lock switch for ease of storage, an LED temperature display for better control, and a 360-degree swivel cord for easy manoeuvrability. It also has an adjustable temperature between 130 to 235 degrees, making it suitable for myriad hair types, one-inch floating plates, and PTC heater technology.

The Vibe Range is priced at Rs. 5,900 and for those interested in advanced features such as wider plates measuring 1.75 inches, the Vibe Plus is available for Rs. 6,400.

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