Katrina Kaif has added some more products to her brand Kay beauty, including microblading pen, 24-hour coloured matt kajals, and brow tattoo liner. This new product range is gender-neutral and ideal for all skin types. With these products, users can create their own #Eyedentitie.

The product line is in alignment with Kay Beauty’s philosophy of #MakeupThatKares. The kajal has chamomile and ceramides which soothes the skin and reduces any kind of inflammation. It is excellent for enhancing skin cell health, better moisturisation, and also prevent any kind of irritation and dryness of the eyes. The microblading brow pen is enriched with vitamin E that restores moisture, while the brow tattoo liner is infused with vitamin B5 that boosts skin and hair health.

According to Katrina Kaif, Co-Founder of Kay Beauty, the new range of products will help users have a personal signature look and create their own #Eyedentitie. The brand aims to create innovative products that are in line with the needs of the modern consumer.