Givaudan Active Beauty used Gravityl, a new active ingredient that reduces skin sagging and double chin volume, in its latest product Gravityl, S3D Jawline Reshaper. It is  a 4-in-1 firming cream with two cosmetic ingredients, Agefinity™ and Acerola LG that enhances skin elasticity, reorganises collagen, regenerates cells, and has antioxidant benefits. This 100% natural ingredient uses marine biotechnology found in red macro alga to prevent skin aging signs.

According to a study, 54% of people face skin sagging, loss of face contour, and double chin with age. Many people do not want to go under the knife to get this corrected and, for such people, Givaudan Active Beauty came up with a solution to improve these important structural constituents of the skin and also fight gravity.

Two clinical tests were conducted on 84 volunteers and it was ascertained that Gravityl could relaunch collagen fibre production in mature skin and improve collagen by 3.4 times. It also enhances skin firmness and elasticity by seven times. Gravityl also proved to help in skin lifting and double chin volume in one month, reshaping facial skin.

As per Mathias Fleury, Head of Category – Actives for Active Beauty, the brand has developed a product with extract of Gigartina stellata that can help with extracellular matrix and elastic fibre protection. It reorganises fibres in the dermis and makes the face more supple and fights skin aging signs. It also rejuvenates 30-year biomechanical properties of the skin.

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