08 Feb 2024

e.l.f. Cosmetics has introduced one of the first beauty shopping apps for Apple Vision Pro. It is the new spatial computer by Apple that combines digital content with the demographics around the consumer. It is called “your best e.l.f.” and is available in the new visionOS App Store. It has been created in partnership with Obsess, a visionOS developer and an immersive shopping portal.

The app has one-of-its-kind features that are specially designed for Apple Vision Pro and users will be able to benefit from the three-dimensional (3D) user interface that can be controlled with intuitive eye and hand movements.

The app allows users to explore three environments including, Camo Cove, Big Mood and Halo Glow. Each of them is based on e.l.f. holy grail product that are being sold on the app. These environments allow users to experience the brand in a unique way with all the products and scenes modelled in 3D. They can be seen on a 4K display from every device. With the spatial experience, users can explore the best version of themselves in a fun way using various 3D e.l.f. products. Users can also take part in relaxing activities such as stretching exercises, meditations, and a fun “Paint by Numbers” game.

According to Neha Singh, CEO and Founder, Obsess, an emotional connection plays a pivotal role in decision making and the “your best e.l.f.” uses it through immersive exploration and games. This gives users a new way to connect with the brand, beginning a new era of spatial shopping and storytelling.

The app can be downloaded for free from the new vision OS App Store but is accessible only through Apple Vision Pro. Safari users can also get a version of the app on any device. During the launch, e.l.f. will have sweepstakes to win the Apple Vision Pro.

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