Is love in the air? If you have tried Charlotte Tilbury’s debut fragrance collection, it might just be. The newly launched set of six perfumes is meant to strike an emotional chord with its users. Each of the perfumes – Calm Bliss (calm), Magic Energy (energy), Cosmic Power (empowerment), Joyphoria (happiness), Love Frequency (love), and More Sex (sex) – is designed to appeal to a specific human emotion, attracting and manifesting them into your life simply by scent.

Yet, this is not all made up. Charlotte Tilbury’s scents were developed in collaboration with scientists at International Flavours and Fragrances. They reportedly analysed more than five billion data points from tens of thousands of consumers to find the impact of the different scents on people’s emotional frequencies. Tilbury and the scientists at IFF used trials and data to match her creative scent conceptualisations to the emotional frequencies she wished to create, hence finally manifesting the final products. Charlotte Tilbury has stated that the design and concept is inspired from her childhood experiences in Ibiza.

Each perfume bottle is customised according to the idea and emotion it embodies. The Love Frequency bottle, for example, features a large heart inscribed on the pink bottle, while Magical Energy depicts a star on a green bottle. The packaging of the bottle was inspired by 18th-century alchemist potions and perfume bottles, while the lids are inspired by the Egyptian pyramids. A 100-ml bottle retails for 150 USD, while a ‘discovery set’ containing all six fragrances retails for 30 USD.

The neuroscents, each made of unique fragrance notes from fruit, leather, essential oils, wood, and other aromatics, is meant to evoke varied emotional experiences in the user.  Given that Charlotte Tilbury’s parent company Puig is well-established in the fragrances field, this new venture could be seen as a way to leverage on that expertise and reputation.