Beauty, skincare, and wellness brand Neutrogena has announced that it will be shutting down their Los Angeles headquarters and consequently, laying off 84 staff members.

Neutrogena, owned by parent company Kenvue Inc., has closed down its Los Angeles office in a bid to consolidate operations in New Jersey. The Los Angeles office was the first Neutrogena office in existence and was the headquarters of their operations. The brand has existed since the 1930s, finally sold to Johnson & Johnson.

This change comes amid a restructuring project among Kenvue companies. The company has plans to shift their production to a sprawling complex in Union County in 2026. Workers have also been laid off from their Skillman venue in the transition to the new venue. The Neutrogena shift has resulted in the layoff of 84 employees, out of which 74 have been offered alternative employment opportunities in the new offices. Kenvue has claimed that this shift is in a bid to consolidate production, increase brand collaboration, and boost growth.

Neutrogena was founded initially in the 1930s. It grew popular in the 80s and 30s for their unique, patented skincare and beauty formulas before being acquired by Johnson & Johnson. Kenvue is a spinoff of Johnson & Johnson, and now owns Neutrogena along with brands such as Tylenol, Listerine, Band-Aid, and Benadryl. While Neutrogena initially benefitted from Johnson & Johnson’s large production capacity and vast resources, it has recently seen a downswing in sales and popularity. This has been especially evident given the rise in the popularity of competing brands such as CeraVe and Hero.