Brillare has been inching up the ladder thanks to its transparent communication about ingredients. It has always been honest about its packaging and ingredients. Formulation scientist Jigar Patel, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Brillare Science, maintains that he always wanted to stand out as a brand that not only claims to be natural but also substantiates its claims.

Brillare has become one of the leading personal care brands in India today offering cruelty-free natural products and has a customer base of more than 500,000 through both online and offline channels. It is also one of the most active brands in the e-commerce portal.

In 2023, Brillare plans to expand its reach through an omnichannel presence using online portals, physical stores, and pop-up shops, amongst others. This would offer customers a seamless experience and better brand awareness. The brand aims to expand to more cities in 2023 and become a Rs. 100 crore company.