Global Wellness Summit (GSW) has released its Future of Wellness report that predicts the biggest trends that will rule the wellness industry this year. As per the report, there is a lot to expect from the wellness industry in 2024 owing to generational and income gaps. There will be polarities in the wellness market due to the difference between high-tech and hyper-medical mindset versus a simpler and more self-optimising wellness in which emotional and social wellbeing are of priority.


Climate-adaptive wellness: People will use ancient practices and cutting edge technology in architecture and design. The beauty space will also see a “climate-adaptive” trend where there will be emphasis on hot/cold therapy to regulate the body’s thermoregulation.

Pilgrimage travel: People will have a deeper connection with their surroundings. Resorts will offer similar wellness programs that offer travel to sacred sites, including meditation, and other services that will take people on the path of spirituality.

Wellness retreats: Men can reconnect with each other or themselves. Social and wellness solutions for men will be enhanced, which will help them deal with the consequences of male loneliness.

Postpartum wellness: This trend will address mental health problems of new parents. There will be more femtech startups that will focus on postpartum care. Even the wellness consumer goods market will boom with specific products for skincare and health supplements for new parents. With longetivity of health seeing a rise, biotech, health and wellness spaces are cashing in on it.

Advanced diagnostic testing: Gyms will become longetivity clinics offering tests, scans, preventative diagnostic testing along with workouts. Wellness spaces will offer Blue Zone retreats amongst others. Wellness torchbearers will offer whole-health weight-loss approaches and evidence-based methods to keep people off “forever” drugs that claim to improve their health.

Some other wellness trends that will emerge this year include, people switching to more social and empowering sports than training solo at the gym, an increasing number of homes will have medical-grade home health monitoring systems and smart furnishings to accommodate the wellbeing requirements of people, and immersive art powered by tech will gain traction to enhance mental health.