HBS 2024’s esteemed Hair Jury shares why contestants should participate in HBS Competitions

Participating in the HBS Competitions is a salon professional’s way of showing off his/her skills. It’s months of planning the ‘look’, finding the right model, getting the styling in place, and then, on the D-Day, heading to the competition floor to show your creativity! Seeing your work unfold under the watchful eyes of the Competition Judges, surrounded by many other talented contestants is a true adrenalin pumping experience. Last but not the least is the nail-biting wait till the results are announced.

So, why should any hairdresser, MUA, nail tech or aesthetician decide to embark on this thrilling but roller-coaster ride?

Well, who better than our esteemed HBS Jury of HBS to answer the question! Here’s what they have to say…

Seema Jerajani, Founder and Educator, SVJ Academy
“If you are looking to better yourself fast-track, the best way is to take part in competitions. With the research, designing, and practice before you actually compete, you only get better than you were. The HBS Competitions area national championship not influenced by brands, and has the best of jury…. Enough reason to participate in HBS Competitions!”

Dharmesh Hingorani, Co-founder, Zido Salon
“Taking part in HBS is not just about showcasing talent; it’s a chance for young hairdressers to embrace their artistry, push boundaries, and shape the future of hairstyling. It’s a platform to inspire others, foster self-expression, and carve a unique identity in the ever-evolving world of beauty.”

Savio John Pereira, Founder, Savio John Pereira Salon & Educator, SJP Education
“Fun and Exciting: HBS not only unleashes your creativity but also adds an element of fun and excitement. Styling and crafting hair allows YOUR imaginative and dynamic expressions, turning the competition into a thrilling experience.”

Heena Dalvi, National Technical Head, Godrej Professional
“Inspirational & Aspirational: It inspires an artist to think out of the box. And it is for those artists who aspire to be the next BIG name in the industry through opportunities at HBS like Young Guns.”

Elton Steve Vessoaker, Hair Stylist, Makeup artist and Educator
“The competition is a good change from regular salon work. You can be as creative as you please. The energy on the competition floor is addictive. Watching other artists work around you is a great learning experience. It’s essential for all round development of your artistry.”

Natasha Naegamvala, Director, Nalini of Nalini and Yasmin Salon
“The challenges and pressures of competition can fuel a drive to excel, inspiring one to reach new heights and achieve goals they might not have thought possible. It’s a powerful mix of nerves, inspiration, and motivation that often leads to remarkable accomplishments.”

Priscilla Corner, Creative Director, June Tomkyns Salon and Academy
“The HBS Competition provides the thrilling opportunity for interacting with both, one’s peers and with the established talent within the fraternity! The electrically charged atmosphere of fresh talent presenting their perspective can inspire one to raise the bar on their game, and, through the observing of the levels of creativity, find further motivation to push the envelope of inventiveness of their own skill set, by putting in greater effort.”

Ryan D’Rozario, Director and Owner, Salon MUAH
“Competing in HBS, gives you a chance to unleash your creativity, and helps explore innovative techniques, experiment with new styles, and express your unique artistic vision. The competition also offers you an environment to let your creative juices flow, encouraging you to think outside the box and elevate your skills to new heights. Additionally, winning or even just participating can enhance your credibility and open doors to new opportunities in the beauty industry.”

Najeeb Ur Rehman, Consultant Ambassador Schwarzkopf Professional and Godrej Kerasmooth
“The HBS Competition is one of the most prestigious platforms in India for any hair, beauty, nail or makeup professional to showcase their talent and learn from others.”