The Maroon Salon at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway is the best way to spend some ‘me time’ with yourself.

It’s a hot summer morning when I make my way into Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway for my salon appointment. However, as soon as I enter the fourth level of the property, I feel a sense of relaxation quite immediately. Perhaps it is the warm tones of the décor done up in hues of beige and brown and the soothing environs of the space that set the right tone for the session ahead.

A Warm Welcome

I was welcomed with a green tea, apple and cinnamon drink, which is great to detoxify especially from the unrelenting heat and as I sip the cold drink in the relaxation area which is comfortably furnished and overlooks a landscaped area, it felt perfect. I was then introduced to my therapist Kim from Manipur who was to do my spa pedicure.

The Pedicure

Once I sat at the pedicure station, she started by first filing my nails as they were already very short. After shaping them she soaked them in warm water to which she added a spoon of Dettol, pedicure shampoo and a green apple spa crystal salt. The pedicure station had a vibrator in the foot soak so my feet had a good water massage. She then applied cuticle cream made with lemon and rosemary extracts and using a cuticle pusher cleaned and pushed back my cuticles. Using a cotton ball, she then wiped my nails clean and removed all the extra cuticle cream from the side of my nails. Using a cuticle trimmer around my nails she also removed all the extra cuticle growth. She also refiled my nails giving them a nice round shape.

Following this, she allowed my feet back into the foot soak. Once done with repeating the procedure for the other foot she scrubbed off all the dead skin from the back of my feet using a scrubber. A papaya and honey scrub with exfoliating granules was then applied all over my legs and following a massage after which my legs were washed with warm water. The scrub ensured that it not just gently removed the dead skin but also left the skin feeling soft and supple. Using a small brush on which the pedicure shampoo was applied she then brushed my entire feet once again and washed it with warm water.

She applied a honey and olive foot pack on my feet. The pack also had natural extracts of anjeer (fig). The idea of this pack is to help heal, rejuvenate and revitalize damaged skin to give the feet a smoother, healthier and more radiant appearance. The pack is allowed to dry for ten minutes before my feet are thoroughly washed with warm water and patted dry. The last step in the pedicure is a leg massage which is done using an olive and turmeric foot cream that has neem and lemon extract that was thoroughly massaged onto my feet and legs and an invigorating massage ensured my feet felt revitalized and rejuvenated.

Waxing Smooth

I also tried the waxing services at the salon. For this Kim started by applying a Rica Cotton Milk pre wax gel that cleanses and sanitizes my hands. This gel also removes any traces of deodorant, cream or body oil prior to waxing and this helps in optimum bonding of the wax. She then applies a strawberry wax in small sections and using paper wax strips removes all the hair.

Strawberry wax incidentally also helps in tan removal and also removes any ingrown hair. Once done, she uses an Aloe Vera after wax lotion again from Rica that helps remove any wax residue leaving the skin relieved and free from post depilation redness. The vegetal extract of Aloe Vera ensures protective, calming, moisturizing and refreshing actions. It is non-greasy and quickly absorbs into the skin and also has a UV filter. At the end of the session, my hands felt soft and supple.

The Maroon Salon at Sheraton Grand Bangalore provides high customer-satisfaction by performing excellent treatments and using quality products in a pleasant environment for the guests,” says Lallawmzuali Mylo Khawlhring, the Spa Manager.

In all, this salon outing was the perfect way to relax post hectic work filled weeks and ensured that I felt refreshed and energized.

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