Whisk away the winter blues with the hottest tints of the season

Winter is here, and it’s time to restyle the hair with the season’s most sought-after hues. From modern auburn to subtle copper and the ’90s colour blocking making a comeback, the trending winter hair colours are all about embracing warmth and natural tones.

Whether your clients want to opt for low-maintenance looks or experiment with chic hair colour trends, these shades will cater to every individual’s unique style. Additionally, on-trend warm shades like auburn, chestnut, and two-toned blonde are also making waves this season, offering a diverse array of options to suit every skin tone.

Here is StyleSpeak’s list of the most trending winter hues to bookmark for you to amp up your client’s ‘mane’ statement.

Classy Chestnut

People are going in for warmer hues this winter, with the blondes making a comeback in a warmer and more natural tone. Chestnut is one of the trending hair colours. This rich and ultra-dimensional hue of reddish brown looks chic and classy. While it can be customized to suit any skin tone, it is typically medium brown with warm undertones. For those trying out hair colour for the first time, blend black with chestnut, giving a natural look yet adding dimension and depth. For an exciting take on this shade, try out brown amber, combining gold, chocolate and auburn notes on a brunette base.

Add a Dash of Spice with Auburn

Hair colours come and go, but one shade that has stood the test of time is auburn. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most versatile hues in the red palette. This stylish reddish-brown shade gives the hair a lot of dimension, and looks good on every skin tone. For those with rich dark brown hair, should go in for a chocolate auburn balayage. This shade leans towards true brown and blends in well with naturally brown hair. If your client is looking for a partial head of auburn tresses, try auburn highlights. They add spice and dimension to the natural hair colour, making them look classy and chic.

Colour ‘em Copper

Cowboy Copper was all over social media, with people making a beeline to get this dramatic hair colour. This year, copper is back with a bang, but people are looking for more natural-looking copper hues. This shade has tonal variations- from orange-based copper, which most clients consider a true copper shade. It is heavy on gold and gives a slight neon-orange look due to the glow that copper tends to leave. A slightly muted

version of this tone is brown-based copper, popularly called Cowboy Copper. It goes well with naturally dark hair, giving it a sheen and a hint of orange. Last but not the least is red-based copper. While creating this shade, you must have a light hand when adding red hues to the formula, and maintain the penny-coloured sheen. This rich shade looks great on all skin tones and gives the hair oodles of depth and dimension.

Make a Bold Statement with Diffused Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is a bold and creative hair trend that has taken to the ramps this year. It involves using a mix of shades and textures of the same colour, and this winter, it is the revival of colour blocking with neutral shades. The placement and sectioning depend on your creativity. The idea is to play the natural tones against each other to give it a soft and wearable vibe. This trend is ideal for those seeking something unique but want to avoid going in for drastic haircuts.

Another trending colour block technique is a two-toned warm blonde that Dua Lipa is seen flaunting. It gives a beautiful contrast to the natural brunette base. So, those with darker natural hair colour can try out this variation of colour blocking for a complete makeover.

Reverse Money Piece

is a popular hair colour trend this season. Conventionally, money pieces are a pop of bold or light shade near the face, giving a dramatic twist to the hairstyle. This winter will see some variations to it. The Reverse money piece is about colouring a small section of strands closest to the hairline, but with darker tendrils framing the face, while the rest of the hair is in a blonde base. It adds dimension and depth, like regular money pieces, but the deeper tones make it subtler. You can make it more edgy by adding chunky highlights all over the hair, just like 90s favourites girl band Spice Girls.

This winter, embrace the beauty of warm shades and natural tones while exploring the allure of colour blocking to find the perfect winter hair colour that complements your client’s style and personality. Happy Colouring!