From fermented beauty …. to beauty snacking, this global market research company reveals the key trends in consumer behaviour and product development in beauty for 2022.

Beauty products will sought for sustainability and usability in 2022. This focus reflects the effect of larger societal changes as consumers look for waterless products and quick, smart beauty hacks in the wake of the pandemic and the environmental imperatives according to WGSN’s international team.

  • Waterless Washing: Waterless personal care products save water for bathing, shaving etc. Waterless shaving / face wash; dry shampoos; bathing bars and bring your own water (BYOW) products, are all a part of the waterless beauty trend.
  • Fermented Beauty: This K- and J-Beauty driven trend is not only because of the effectiveness of enzymes released in fermented products which penetrate skin better but also the released bacteria which act as preservatives, giving a longer shelf life.
  • Coastal-Foraged Ingredients: Naturally occurring sea flora e.g. seaweed, kelp, algae etc. will become mainstream as consumers value their detoxifying and therapeutic benefits. Such skincare and personal care products will trend.
  • Wild Bathing: Similarly, natural benefits of bathing in open spaces – a heritage practice in many cultures will be sought after. Bathing products that bring the outdoors in, or are derived naturally, will become popular.
  • The two-minute make up bag: An outcome of consumers adjusting to low-key ‘pandemic beauty’ lifestyle the two minute make-up bag is for those who want smart beauty products that give great results with less effort and cost.
  • Beauty Snacking: A new beauty trend courtesy the Covid lockdown was edible skincare. This 2022 trend of beauty snacking is in the form of sweets or health bars, or also as flash treatments.