From re-imagining the classics, to trying bold styles and warm tones – 2024 is all about reinventing yourself

Runways, social media posts, and red carpets have given a sneak peek into the hair trends that will rule the roost in 2024. Simplicity and naturally healthy mane styles are the mantras for this year. From notching up the vintage bobs and bangs to minimal styling and warm hair tones, these will be some of the biggest hair trends to give the hair a complete overhaul.

StyleSpeak has rounded up the top hair trends that will dominate the ‘mane charts’ in 2024.

Cuts that will make the cut

2024 will be all about dramatic cuts.

The Jellyfish Cut is looking to be one of the major themes for this year. This sharp and contrasting layered cut mimics the marine animal, with the end of the shorter layer curled inside and the bottom layers curled out.

Bobs will be trending in 2024, too, and the classic Italian Bob will surely be one of the favourites. This chin-length hair, subtly layered to fall on one side, looks stunning and is a must-try for those venturing into the short hair space. Another version of the Bob, the Lob, is perfect for those wanting texture and volume as it gives a thicker and healthier look to the tresses. With the length maintained around the face, it creates a beautiful frame that suits most face types. Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, and Margot Robbie have been sporting this chic cut.

And for those who already have short hair, it’s time to get wacky. The Textured Pixie cut is what seems to be a fashion favourite. It is a take on the contemporary classic pixie cut with textured layers and a longer length on the top.

Bangs of all sizes and shapes will be another hot trend that will sweep the charts in 2024. Curtain bangs will continue in 2024 after making waves last year. The face-framing layers stop right at the cheekbones, giving a halo effect to the face. Side-swept bangs are another trend that will be back with a vengeance in 2024. Millennial icon Taylor Swift has been flaunting her blunt bangs off late. Wispy bangs and Curly bangs are the other trends to watch out for in 2024.

Waves and Curls make a comeback

Curls are back with a bang in 2024 as people want to keep their natural texture and yet make a statement. The Perm is in vogue, too, with innovative hair perming techniques using permanent and semi-permanent products. This year will be a transition period with waves and curls of all lengths being donned with confidence.

Colour ‘em Right

The New Year hair colour mood board is filled with caramels, honey browns, magenta reds, and deeper mahogany. Indian hair has warm tones, so these colours blend beautifully. Also, the Balayage colour technique is slated to continue this year. This personalised and versatile technique can be done with browns, reds, and bright blonds. You can make it bright or subtle as per your client’s wish. Other trends that will shape the mane trends are Foilayage melt and face-framing, and dual application. These techniques blend in well and look seamlessly fluid.

Elevate the style with accessories

Ribbons and bows were the go-to accessories in 2023 and continue to be so this year too. Loose ribbons tied at the end of hair like a hair extension, or underneath a voluminous bun to add some more oomph. Versatile and playful bow clips add a touch of fun to the hairdo and enhance the overall look. Headbands will also be seen all over in 2024. In different colours and patterns, these bands add vibrancy to the hairstyle, giving it a girl-next-door appeal. Flowers will be used as hair accessories, too. Seamlessly woven into any hairdo, they enhance the look without being over the top.

Hair TLC to Make Waves

2024 will be the year of healthy hair. People will opt for gentler styling routines that do less damage to the hair. Hair treatments will be big too. Fibre Clinix treatment with the tri-bond technology to restructure the hair internally and improve its health and strength will be popular. Scalp care treatments will be more targeted based on scalp types and skin issues.

With healthy hair being the hero in every client’s priority chart, products strengthening hair bonds will emerge victorious. 2024 will see bond-repairing ranges from popular brands like dpHue and L’Oréal Paris.

This is the year of healthy hair with statement cuts and warm hair tones to give the tresses an inside-out makeover. So cash in on these trends to switch up your client’s look and let their hair do all the talking in 2024!