Hair Clippers need to be maintained following the proper steps

Hair clippers are an important part of a barbershop or salon. Keeping them clean can be tedious work, but it’s essential to keep them in proper condition and ensure that they continue to work well. If you do not clean your hair clipper properly, your clients might end up walking out with stray hair stuck in their ears or clippings left behind on the floor.

Quick guide to cleaning your clipper

The clipper is a cornerstone of men’s grooming, yet they are often overlooked. Clippers are often viewed as rough-and-ready tools that don’t require maintenance, but this is a huge misconception. They need to be well maintained to ensure they perform optimally. The blade, motor, batteries, and body must all be properly maintained if a longer lifespan is what you seek.

Hair clippers are available in corded and cordless models. Both the corded and the cordless models need to be cleaned regularly.

If you are using the cordless models, you need to clean the hair clippers after each use. If you have a beard trimmer, you can clean it after every use to keep it in top shape. After you have removed hair from the blades of your hair clippers, you need to remove the hair that has accumulated in the motor casing of your hair clipper or beard trimmer.

Steps to maintain your clippers
  • To maintain your hair clippers, clean them after every use with a small amount of mild detergent mixed with warm water. Rub the blades gently against each other to dislodge any build-up. Rinse the clippers under running water and dry them completely before storing them.
  • Check the blade’s condition regularly and replace it as needed to ensure smooth operation.
  • Store your hair clippers in a dry place, away from moisture and dust.
  • Wipe off any excess water with a soft cloth.
  • Store the clippers in their case when they are not in use. This will help to keep the blades and other parts of the clippers clean and free from debris.

Expert inputs by Rayed Merchant Director Marketing (Global) & Head Brand Procurement, SSIZ International

What are the dos and don’ts?

First and foremost, after every use, ensure a general cleaning with the brush that cleans all traces of leftover hair. After every alternate use, it is a must to oil the blades. One should also disassemble the clipper to clean the device from the inside. Clipper spray should be applied frequently too. What needs to be absolutely ensured is to Not Oil the Clippers at all. The kind of unwanted and risky friction this could produce

is just inviting trouble. Another big No-No is to take the reassembly of clippers lightly. Even if a single screw or part is not fitted properly, it could be a recipe for disaster.

How do you check clippers?

It’s quite simple! Ensure that your blades are clean and shiny, and check that the clipper is well-maintained not just internally, but also externally. If you are using a battery-powered clipper, make sure the cell has enough power.

What happens if you ignore maintenance of clippers?

A machine meant to take care of our styling needs, also needs to be taken care of. If we fail to do so, we are just waiting for a big problem to occur.

If clippers are not regularly maintained, their blades will lose their potent power, the motor could get spoilt; the clipper itself could slowly start to malfunction and eventually break down to never work again. None of these are scenarios one wishes for, so I would always recommend looking after your trimmer so that they can look after you.

The Alan Truman No More Split Ends Trimmer NMSE is an automatic trimmer which trims off split-ends and fly away hair which could become split ends. For cleaning and maintenance of Alan Trumer No More Split Ends, no cleaning and washing of the mechanism is required. Just empty the split ends from the chamber that collects them.

Cleaning and maintenance Steps:
  • Remove all the hair from the housing onto a sheet of paper or countertop using the cleaning brush
  • Be gentle during the process, the bristles of the cleaning brush can get stuck in the cutting mechanism and reduce the blade life
  • Dust off all hair particles from the cutting mechanism and housing
  • The hair chamber can be washed under water
  • Do not attempt to wash the cutting mechanism or any other part of the device
  • The chamber must be wiped clean and dried before fitting it back on the body of the trimmer.