Here’s how to style the in-trend Bottleneck bangs in different ways.

Hairstyle trends are often one of the most sought-after topics by the fashionistas. Let us introduce you to the latest style-in-the-talk, the Bottleneck Bangs. This fringe-like hairstyle is inspired from the glamorous look-books of the 70s and is now a runaway trend.

London-based hairstylist Tom Smith gave birth to the trend. The haircut resembles the “neck of the bottle” as it curves starting from the eyes till the cheekbones. The haircut is face-framing and the cutting technique suits to all face shapes, said the hair expert in his social media post. TikTok users and celebrities are hooked to this trend already and here are some of the many ways of styling it.

Wavy Hair

The best way to make the bottleneck haircut shine is by letting the tresses down. The unique bangs become prominent when accompanied by longer strands and can be a great suggestion for clients who are trying bangs for the first time.

High Bun

Bangs and fringes can be a mess to handle for the clients who have a busy work-life. However, with a soft cut like bottleneck bangs, they can get it styled into a fun bun do. A low or high bun looks absolutely up to the mark for the ladies who have a deadline to chase.


The bottleneck bangs hair cut looks perfect on the girls who love to play with ponytails or some easy hairdos. Clients with straight long or medium hair can definitely be encouraged to discover this easy-breezy style.

Curly Hair

Help your clients with bold curls know that bangs are not just for straight or wavy-haired ones. The bottleneck bangs are totally “visible” despite those untamed curls and that’s what all the women with curly hair aspire for!

Dual colours

Clients aiming for drastic makeover might want to play with some colours and extensions. Hair stylist Tom Smith shows how to make shades and bangs look cool, together.
Don’t miss this current trend as Bottleneck bangs can surely be a fashionable go-to for your clients given the huge scope of personalizing it.