Common misconceptions about nails busted by nail guru Gurpreet Sable


As a nail technician, you must have come across many misconceptions that your clients harbour about nail care and nail products. Here are the most common ones along with the answers to those questions and advise you can give your clients.

Is cutting cuticles good for nail health?

Sadly, most technicians do not know the difference between ‘cuticle’ and ‘eponychium’. Cuticle is dead skin on the nail plate and eponychium is living skin.
Removing the cuticle is ok but cutting the eponychium can lead to infections. It’s illegal in some states (in USA). Remember ‘less is more’ when it comes to cutting the cuticles.

Avoid nail products that have chemicals in them!

Most nail consumables are petroleum by-products, so there’s no nail product that is chemical-free. There is no organic nail product that will stay on your nails for three weeks.
So, how can you protect your client?
Recommend them to go to a nail salon that is reputed for using high-quality products, has a culture of disinfection AND most importantly, has nail technicians trained professionally, preferably by an International Educator for correct product handling and application.

That green stuff on some people’s nails is mould or fungus!

Neither mould nor fungus appear overnight.…it is necessary to analyse the green spot. The possibility of infection can only be proven with a culture test. Sometimes, the lifted enhancement can trap food or water and give discolouration. Timely refill service is important.

Include gelatine in your diet to strengthen weak nails!

We all know that gelatine is a protein and nails are also made of keratin(protein) however, there’s no scientific research to prove that gelatine can strengthen the nails.
Best tip – add good nutrients in your daily diet including proteins.
Don’t wait for the miracle, give your nails a makeover, find a professional nail technician who can give the million dollar look.

Plunging wet nails into ice water makes the nail polish dry faster!

The days of Temporary polish are long gone, however as they are still in use, let’s get the facts straight… nail polish dries when the solvents in it evaporate. Your technician can use a fan to speed up the evaporation.

Does your client hate to wait for polish to dry? Graduate them to Gel Polish, Shellac, Caliente… take your pick. Unlimited Colours, apply n go, no chip, no fade…. Need I say more!!!

Enhancements ruin natural nails!

Ladies it’s 2022, we are in the era of nail art. Well applied enhancements do not damage the natural nails.

If your client does experience pain, discomfort, damaged nails or painful cuticles… the problem is the Nail Technician! Technicians can make errors, may not be well educated, may lack experience, may use cheap chemicals etc.

All this can be avoided by selecting a reputed nail spa and a well-trained nail technician.

Clients should bring their own tools to a nail salon to avoid contracting an infection!

Covid has taught us all many valuable lessons. LESSON #1- Choose a salon that has a history of disinfection – who disinfect every implement/tool after EACH service. It MUST be a hospital grade disinfection system ONLY. This is mandatory.

Rather than carry their tools, clients must ensure proper disinfection process is being followed. Ask the technician about sanitation practices and disinfection requirements. If they feel uncomfortable about the cleanliness, they could leave without getting a service, as health and safety is the number one priority.

Removing the enhancements occasionally gives nails a break!

If you’re addicted to Nails as I am, it’s unthinkable to remove the enhancements, because no break is necessary.

If the nail technician is trained on international standards at a reputed nail institute, and using good quality products, you have nothing to worry about.
In fact, removing the enhancements requires more technique than applying them! Most disasters happen during removal, as the nail is over worked, becomes thin and the enhancements are blamed.

If the nail service is excellent, the nails will look and feel great. Remember, educated technician, best quality products, timely refills is the BEST kept secret in the Nail Industry.

You can’t file back-and-forth on a natural nail!

Natural nails do not need aggressive filing. For best results use the right abrasives/filers/Emery boards. Back and forth won’t harm if the grit and pressure is correct.
Education, education, education! Trust your nails to a well-educated nail technician, a professional nail spa that uses best products and international technology.


Gurpreet Seble is an International Educator and Nail Expert from North America, educating in India since 2004. Founder of Nail Spa by Gurpreet, she is also the Head of Jury, HBS Nailathon 2022.