Global Wellness Day (GWD) will be celebrated around the world this year on 13 June. The initiative aims to influence and inspire people with global 24-hour live streaming of health-related activities, games, training, talk shows, nutrition tips, beauty workshops and conferences to emphasize the importance of health and wellbeing. GWD India was initiated by GWD Ambassador Dr. Rekha Chaudhari in 2015. Presently, it has more than ten lakh followers, and is rapidly building its momentum. The 2020 theme is ‘Well-being Lifestyle’ and which according to Dr. Choudhari “Creates awareness of the importance of living well, bringing together exercise, healthy eating, and spiritual teachings to create harmony between the body and the spirit.”

Everyone can register online, join, workout and tag Global Wellness Day India FB page as well as Dr. Chaudhari and be a part of this great initiative www: