The Global Wellness Summit recently announced James Nestor as the keynote speaker for their 2020Summit to be held from 8th to 11th November. Nestor’s newly released book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art,is a result of his decade-long investigation into ancient and modern medical texts and studies in pulmonology, psychology and human physiology. The New York Times best seller reveals how the slight adjustments in the way we breathe can impact an individual’s sleep, immune system, blood circulation, mood, weight etc., while addressing health issues like asthma, allergies, sleep apnea and autoimmune disease.

The 2020 Summit is themed “Resetting the World with Wellness”whereNestor and other experts will share their knowledge on -how innovative and democratic wellness concepts can transform human life post-COVID-19. Commenting on Nestor’s research and findings in the book, Susie Ellis, GWS chairman, and CEO, “His work interweaving the latest science with lost approaches for optimal breathing needs to become a cornerstone in preventative wellness.”