Brighten your clients’ summer capsule wardrobe with StyleSpeak’s trendiest nail manis for summer 2023

Summer is shining bright, and what better way to add some pop to the season than a change in the nail colour palette. StyleSpeak rounds up the trendiest, brightest, and most fun manis to perk up the summer mood board. From myriad green hues to chic micro manis and glazed velvet nails, it’s time to give your clients a fun nail makeover.

Fiery Coral Shades

As the summer sun heats up, the fiery shades come into vogue. Warm undertones and uplifting colours are the order of the day. Try out orange undertones for those looking for some drama or go in for softer salmon, bringing on the heat without being over the top.

Go Green

Add some natural hues to the nails with a pop of green. You can go in for a gradient manicure, starting off with a dark green, and work through the shade card to get a lovely light green. Cool khaki green or soft minty green works well for those wanting a more understated look, while a neon green looks hot with a french tip or chrome finish for a cool girl vibe. Recently, Kim Kardashian was seen flaunting her long lime green nails too. A slime green French tip manicure with one or two green accent nails is another trending mani making waves this summer.

Lip Gloss Nails

The lip gloss nail trend is taking over the glam scene, with fashionistas like Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, and Kim Kardashian sporting the look this summer. A sheer pink or brown-toned hue that looks similar to the colour of the nail beds with a layer of shiny clear polish to give it a juicy look. Lip gloss nails are sweet and sassy, giving the nails a ‘barely-there glam’ vibe. For those wanting a chic and understated look, nothing beats the lip gloss nails.

A Pop of Pink

Pink is one of the trending colours this summer. Be it French tips or glittering polish, there will be a lot of pink nails this summer.

Soft, pastel pink is always the go-to shade, but this summer you will see bright and bold pinks too. Viva magenta will be a trending shade, which is essentially a bright mid-toned shade with a hint of blue. With Greta Gerwig’s Barbie coming in July 2023, this shade will be making the rounds at all the fashion gigs. Another favourite in the pink parade are Strawberry Glazed nails. The perky mani looks best in a jelly pink or pastel pink shade with a glazed finish.

Glazed Velvet Nails

In 2022, glazed donut nails were the biggest nail trend. In summer 2023, there will be variations to the same with a semi-sheer sheen and a velvety texture to it. These nails boast a silky, soft, multi-dimensional finish much like velvet. Recreate this look at your salon with a base coat, and then add dip powder or flocking powder to get a velvet-like effect. Or you can dab on a magnetic nail polish to activate the shimmer feel, giving it a fuzzy velvet texture. Add a shiny top coat and some rhinestones for some bling and glamour.

Micro Manis – Less is More

Give the French nails a micro makeover with Micro Manis. It will be a huge trend this summer. After having decades of almond-shaped nails and coffin nails, people have realised that nails do not have to be long to make a fashion statement. Micro Mani is the solution for all those with short nails. This modern take on the classic French Mani is trending everywhere. Give the nails a ‘less is more’ look with a neutral base and a hint of colour on the edges. It looks great on both square or rounded-off tips.

You can be playful with the tips and have different shades for each nail, or go more classic with just white nail tips. Seductive red tips or an edgy chrome work well to add glamour to the nails, while sunny yellows and tangerine orange give the nails a fun vibe.

So it’s time to get your clients summer-ready with these hot and trendy nail manis that will be a rage this season.