Top beauty experts talk about their favourite gadgets and why they invested in them

Industry’s expert hairdressers, MUA’s and nail techs tell StyleSpeak about the Go-to gadgets that help them transform their clients’ looks! So check out what is in their tool kit.

Gourav Bhardwaj, Education Director, Vega Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Favourite Gadget: Pro Vector Hair Clipper by Vega Professional
Reason: Smart technology, incredibly lightweight, time-saving vector motor etc. make it a must-have gadget.
Cost: Rs. 13,000/-

Elton Steve Vessoaker, Hair Stylist, MUA and Educator
Favourite Gadget: Ikonic Tong
Reason: The gadget is easy to use and easy on the hair, helps create curls, waves or even just texture, has a wide temperature control and helps achieve long lasting style.
Cost: Rs. 3650/-

Tanveer Shaikh, Celebrity Hair Expert, Mumbai
Favourite Gadget: Jaguar scissors (6 inch)
Reason: The gadget’s features like classic blades, flat cutting edge angle for excellent sharpness, angled thumb ring that reduces friction and pressure marks, giving secure control of the shears – definitely a best buy.
Cost: Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 11,000/-

Vivek Shyam Bhatia, Creative Director,Shyam’s Salon & Academy and Co-Founder, Very V Salon
Favourite Gadget: Ikonic Pro Cut
Reason: This gadget is highly recommended as it’s one the finest clippers for barbering. Never used something so sharp and smooth.
Cost: Rs. 7600/-

JJ Savani, International Session Stylist, Educator and Creative Director
Favourite Gadget: HNK Mohawk Hair Clipper
Reason: The gadget is lightweight, ergonomic and perfect for tight flawless fades. Its DLC blades and long battery life make it an ultimate tool.
Cost: Rs. 11,490/-

Sareena Acharya, Artistic Head, Education – Hair, Enrich Beauty
Favourite Gadget: Ikonic Conical Tong
Reason: The gadget helps in creating soft curls, textures, tight curls, volume building, defrizzing the ends etc.
Cost: Rs. 3000/-

Shailesh Moolya, National Training Head, Cavinkare Pvt Ltd.
Favourite Gadget: Dyson Coralle
Reason: It helps to achieve hassle-free styling, is safe on hair and glides through smoothly and has a long lasting battery life. Great travel friendly option.
Cost: Approx Rs. 38000/-

Amit Dadhiwala, Owner, Aaliya Makeovers
Favourite Gadget: Beauty blender, powder puff, brushes
Reason: It helps in sealing and fixing make-up to achieve a flawless makeup look.
Cost: Rs. 2500/- to Rs. 5000/-

Amit Vaidya, CEO & Creative Director, Passion Salon – Spa & Make-up Studio
Favourite Gadget: JRL Curler
Reason: The gadget’s advanced heating technology, even heating and accurate temperature control and rotating arm handle makes the curler a best buy.
Cost: Rs. 3000/- to 4000/-

Sylvia Chen, Technical Ambassador, Godrej Professional
Favourite Gadget: Ikonic Curling Tongs
Reason: The gadget allows to recreate 20’s girl mermaid waves, beach waves etc.
Cost: Rs. 3000/-

Avleen Bansal, Head of Training, Make-Up Studio India
Favourite Gadget: Make-Up Studio PRO BRUSH No. 8 (Shaper Brush)
Reason: This multipurpose brush can be used to contour, highlight, and apply blusher and concealers on the face, achieve perfectly blended finish.
Cost: Rs. 2180/-

Dr. Kavita Sheth, Founder, Kavi’s Nail Care & Institute of Nail Technology
Favourite Gadget: Electric File
Reason: With efficient and precise nail filing process, the filer helps to complete manicures or pedicures faster.
Cost: Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 20,000/-

Nikisha Bhatia, Hair & Makeup Professional, Academy Director Shyam’s Salon & Academy
Favourite Gadget: Vega Pro Wave Styler
Reason: The gadget adds volume and texture to the hair, add some basic movement to the hair before styling. Create trendy classic and vintage waves. The ceramic coating helps get the sheen in the hair without loading using too much products.
Cost: Rs. 4750/-

Naseem Salmani, Founder Naseem Salon Academy
Favourite Gadget: Pro Vector Professional Hair Clipper by Vega Professional
Reason: The gadget’s Smart Torque Control technology and 11000 RPM motor does an incredible job on hair of any thickness, texture and length with utmost precision. Available in cord and cordless option, it has high-performance battery life.
Cost: Rs. 13,000/-